Industrial, Social History and Dialect of Clee Hill
Monday 19th June

Come along and learn a little of South Shropshire’s working history from someone who has been steeped in it all their life. Alfred Jenkins MBE was born and brought up in a working man’s pub up in the Clee Hills and learned his craft at his father’s knee, back in the days when a publican like him also had to be the local wheelwright, carpenter and even undertaker. With these 2 lectures and 2 associated history walks, Alf shares his precious knowledge of the local traditions, the industrial past, the history from the Middle Ages to the present and the many tales of hardship of country living in the 20th century. 

Local History Lecture 1 - Industrial, Social History and Dialect of Clee Hill

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Event Time
7:30 pm
Event Location
The Feathers Hotel
21 Bull Ring
Event Genre
History and Interest
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