Money is as Innocent as the Sun
Wednesday 28th June

'Money is as innocent as the Sun' (best spoken word show Greater Manchester Fringe 2016) the follow up to the critically appreciate'money is as innocent as the gun'.

An underlying theme that runs through out these pieces of spoken word is our vulnerability as a species, with our tendencies to be at the mercies of our own creations. With the possible exception of a rerun of that meteoric collision that resulted in mass extinctions, 'humanity', for want of a better phase, has nothing to fear but itself.

Money or life? Is that the choice? ' … as debts, to pay which one, a catch 22 like situation, of remuneration, the repayment of one, money, is the other's collection'.

Can this agent-less engine, (capitalism) that sprang from the 'cradles of abstraction', fueled by that abstract technology of change (money), be transformed before it gains it's biggest 'prize of unintended consequences' so far, 'climate catastrophe'? Or; 'have we been dangling so long on the end of this line that we were sold, that, “there is no such thing as the commonfold”, that we can no longer be bold, now life is the penalty; if life is a penalty ...?'

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Event Time
2:00 pm
Event Location
Ludlow Library
7-9 Parkway
Event Genre
Poetry and Literature
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